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Giving Projects have trained thousands of donor organizers and moved $14.5 million to grassroots community organizing from over 19,000 donors.


Social Justice Fund

Giving Projects bring together a cohort of folks across race and class to engage in political education, organize resources - people and money - and make grants to support social justice movements. Giving Projects have been successful at moving money to movements, mobilizing participants as donor organizers and leaders in their communities, and strengthening local social movement ecosystems.

Giving Projects transform participants and the institutions that use the model.Through political education, community building, grassroots fundraising, coaching, and democratic grantmaking, Giving Project participants explore systems of race and class oppression, as resource mobilizers in the social movement ecosystem.


Bread & Roses Community Fund

 In this visual, we use a metaphor of a beehive and pollination to represent how the different components of the Giving Project model work together to develop donor organizers that are moving resources and strengthening social justice movements.

"I will be using this information personally in how I think about my own class status and relationship to money and larger social implications of that. Additionally I am thinking about my own personal giving differently and am excited to build on that. I also feel prepared and motivated to have more conversations with people in my life, personally and professionally, about redistributing wealth."

- Giving Project Participant, Bread & Roses Community Fund


Social Justice Fund

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