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The Giving Project Network is committed to supporting efforts to pilot the model in new locations through technical assistance and cohort-based peer learning. Running a Giving Project requires a significant upfront commitment of resources as well as existing relationships with both donors and grassroots organizations. Join us to pilot the Giving Project and to sustain this transformative model.

“Going Deeper with Giving Projects” highlights how GP is distinct from other collective giving models due to the cross-race, cross-class cohort, political education, and donor organizing framework.

For more, Giving Projects Growing Power introduces the Giving Project model and Network, with a panel of Giving Project facilitators sharing how and why they use this cross-class, cross-race donor-organizing program to resource grassroots movements for justice.

Launch a Giving Project 

If you or your organization are interested in using the Giving Project model, we'd love to talk to you! 


Joining a Giving Project is a great way to build your skills as a donor and fundraiser, deepen your political analysis in practice, and support amazing organizations. Reach out to the member fund in your area to learn more about a local Giving Project. 

Fund the Model

Funding the Giving Project model is an effective way to move resources to social justice organizations while developing donors to sustain those resources.

 I will take what I learned and apply it in other areas of my life, whether that be work, school, family, etc. I will continue to challenge my biases, expand my mind, and try to imagine and work towards alternative realities. - Giving Project Participant, Bread & Roses Community Fund

Chinook Fund 2019 Giving Project members

Chinook Fund

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