Activating a base of donor organizers across race and class

Moving money to movements 


We made this visual to show how the ten member funds in our network are using the Giving Project to move towards our vision of well-resourced liberation movements. GPN’s primary purpose is to build the capacity of Giving Project practitioners through an active peer learning community where we share innovations and adaptations. Grounded in our vision, priorities, and values, we evolve the Giving Project model within shifting conditions. We hope that anyone, anywhere can do a Giving Project and our secondary purpose is to support replication efforts.


Graphic by Karla Rojas

"Participating in the Giving Project helped me relate with money, myself and my family in a new way.  Through the race-class analysis workshop and individual conversations within the project, I began to unravel the stories, fears and conflicts I had experienced regarding money.  I let go of the value judgments I placed on my access to money, and saw my class background in a larger context of historical events and cultural and social norms.  This enabled me to have more authentic conversations with both friends and family, as well as to step forward and use my resources in a way I feel good about—for  healing and social change." - Giving Project Participant, Social Justice Fund


Headwaters Foundation