Social Justice Fund Northwest

Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho

Social Justice Fund Northwest is a foundation working at the frontlines of social change. We leverage the resources of our members to foster significant, long-term social justice solutions throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.


Chinook Fund


Chinook Fund supports grassroots organizations working on issues of social and economic justice; by pooling our collective resources, we seed groups making a positive, systemic impact to improve the quality of life for all Coloradoans.

Crossroads Fund


Crossroads Fund supports community organizations working on issues of racial, social and economic justice in the Chicago area. Crossroads Fund leads in the philanthropic sector by supporting innovative organizing models that build strong movements for racial, social and economic justice. By creating relationships between donors, grantees, grassroots groups and community members, we strengthen leadership, build sustainable communities and transform unjust conditions, institutions and policies to create greater equality and opportunity for all.


Headwaters Foundation for Justice


Mission: to amplify the power of community to advance equity and justice.

Headwaters Foundation for Justice is on the leading edge of philanthropy. We were created and endure from a simple and powerful truth: the people who experience injustice are essential to ending it.

North Star Fund

New York

North Star Fund is New York City’s community foundation working to create a more just and equitable city. By organizing donors, raising funds for grassroots activism, and distributing grants, we support efforts ranging from better schools, housing and health care, to protecting civil liberties and creating living wage jobs.   - See more at:


Bread & Roses Community Fund


Bread & Roses Community Fund believes in change, not charity. We organize donors at all levels to support community-based groups in building movements for racial equity and economic opportunity. We support movements and their leaders through fundraising, grantmaking, capacity building, and convening.

Grassroots International


Grassroots International connects people in eh US with global movements solving the root causes of inequality and climate change.


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