Getting Involved

Join a Giving Project

Joining a Giving Project is a great way to build your skills as a donor and fundraiser, deepen your knowledge about social justice, and support amazing organizations. Giving Projects are for everyone! The participating organizations recruit throughout the year. 

Click here to see the list of organizations running Giving Projects to see if there's one in your area.

Fund the model

Funding the Giving Project model is an effective way to move resources to social justice organizations while developing donors to sustain those resources. Individuals or foundations may want to support:

  • Infrastructure funding to allow participating funds to run more Giving Projects

  • Matching funds to increase the amount granted through Giving Projects

  • The collaboration to strengthen our collective work and bring in new partners

For more information contact GPN Director Sian OFaolain at

Launch a Giving Project

If you or your organization are interested in launching a Giving Project of your own, we'd love to talk to you!

Running a Giving Project requires a significant upfront commitment of resources as well as existing relationships with both donors and grassroots organizations. Our learning community is committed to supporting replication efforts to increase the chances of success.

For more information contact Zeke Spier at

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Over the past two years, the six participating funds have formed a learning community to spread the Giving Project model and support each other in our work. We are sharing innovations and best practices, building cross-region relationships, and working to further spread the model.

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